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A friend of mine is insistant that betting on a 2-number split in Roulette provides a better long-term return than betting on a single number. We are both aware that they are both losing bets, but he is arguing that splitting is slightly better. For example: Place 2 x $1 chips on numbers 1 and 2, OR Place 1 x $2 chip on a number 1 and 2 split Roulette Rules and Bet Types - Beginner's Guide As far as the Red/Black split bets go, they are exactly what the name says: combinations of all the splits of the same colour that you can find on the table. As online there are no boundries, there are many interesting and innovative roulette variations that feature even more types of bets. Roulette - Wikipedia Roulette is a casino game named after the French word meaning little wheel.In the game, players may choose to place bets on either a single number, various groupings of numbers, the colors red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or if the numbers are high (19–36) or low (1–18).

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Understanding Roulette Payouts. Roulette payouts work like this. The odds are stated in the form of x to 1, which means you’ll win x dollars for every dollar you’ve bet. For example, the single number bet offers a payout of 35 to 1. If you win, you’ll get your dollar back plus the $35 for the win. The Kavouras bet roulette strategy - Main Idea Today I want to tell you about a roulette strategy you never heard before: The Kavouras roulette system. Or the Kavouras Bet as I prefer to call it. This roulette strategy has various advantages. Some were intentional (and the reason why Kavouras made …

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Roulette Bets And Odds - Play Roulette Online A 2 number bet or "split bet" allows you to bet on two adjacent numbers, offering you some pretty attractive odds of 17:1 - the second biggest payout available at a roulette table. You can place a split bet across two numbers vertically or horizontally (if that makes any sense).

Roulette Winning Tricks 9 - Split Bet System This is the best roulette Winning system played ever. The system works well in online Roulette as well as live casino games. Predicting the next number ...

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The Parachute roulette strategy (best ever?) - Roulette Life Forum What i notice is that if you would use each combination with the same odds and probability as EC then the liklehood would be very high that you win. Take for example Half, Dozen, Line, Street, Split, Straight - that is a total ... The 8 "Best" Roulette Betting Systems - 888casino Roulette Strategy. Note in the title of ... That’s the truth and smart roulette players are fully aware of the fact that other than playing a biased wheel (something almost impossible to find nowadays with our much more ... Roulette-Bet Roulette betting systems and strategies This is a surprising and relatively safe roulette strategy created by Victor many years ago. It is an nice little modification of the classic Parachutte betting strategy, but produces quite different results than the original ...